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What You Should Know About Labiaplasty (Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery)


Vaginal cosmetic surgery is very common, it is even considered to be normal. Over 70% of women have undergone this type of surgery. It has given women back their self esteem, self confidence and the sex life. Vaginal rejuvenation is basically the method of eliminating all signs of aging, improving and enhancing the quality of a woman's sexual experience, and also provides her with the perfect smile.

There are different reasons why a woman undergoes scarless arm lift surgery. There is the removal of excess tissue, removal of unsightly scars, tightening the vagina and enhancing the overall appearance. Normally the excess tissue is removed because it causes discomfort, the removal of unsightly scars protects the vagina from future infections, and the tightening of the vagina improves the quality of her sexual experience. Sometimes the procedure is also done for medical reasons.

As with any surgical procedure there are risks involved and recovery time is very important. There is always a risk that you may develop an infection or even suffer some form of allergic reaction. The most common side effect after the surgical procedure is excessive bleeding. You will most likely be given a blood holding solution, but you must observe proper hygiene after you are done with your procedure. It is very important not to douche as this can further damage the wound and impede the healing process. Do not miss any discharge and take care of your wound as soon as you recover.

There are many benefits associated with vaginal cosmetic surgery. It gives the woman complete flexibility in the areas of her genitals. There are many women who have experienced enlargement of the clitoris and other intimate parts without having to resort to the use of a lubricant. Women are able to perform many adult movies with their favorite stars without having to worry about their man pulling out and leaving them.

There is another benefit to female genital cosmetic surgery that many women appreciate, it gives them the ability to increase the sexual pleasure they experience. Many women have the problem of lack of sexual excitement and orgasm, which can lead to a loss of sexual desire and interest in sex. With this procedure they can increase the g-spot sensitivity that allows them to easily climax when they wish. The g-spot is usually located about an inch inside the vagina. There are different ways you can locate the g-spot but many times a woman can feel the g-spot through the use of light pressure on the area.

The recovery from this procedure is fairly easy, as you will need a few days rest from work and can expect to be back to normal activity in a week or two. Some doctors recommend a woman to wear a pad or panty liner for the first few days after the plastic surgeon's procedure. It is also recommended you do not perform any sexual activities for a couple of weeks. The plastic surgeons will advise you of any possible risks or complications associated with your labiaplasty. They will also instruct you on any post-operative recommendations you should follow.  This post: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaginoplasty elaborates more on the topic, so you may need to check it out.

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